The Choice of Hope Over Despair

Yizkor | Rabbi Michael Siegel | April 16, 2020

We gather in the midst of a world pandemic. As of this writing, there are 613,000 cases of people infected in the United States with the Coronavirus. So far, 26,000 people have died. This morning, we will recite Yizkor, and joining in this service of memory are those around the world who are remembering loved Continue Reading »

God, Science, Albert Camus and the Plagues

Pesach | Rabbi Michael Siegel | April 9, 2020

Dam, Tzfardeah, Kinim, Arov, Dever…. Blood, Frogs, lice, wild beasts, cattle plague… As I say those words, I can feel my pinky twitching! As a little boy, I remember well the recitation of the plagues and taking a drop of wine out of my cup and putting it on a plate.  I can still remember Continue Reading »

Institution: The Symphony of Society

Terumah | Rabbi Michael Siegel | February 29, 2020

A quotation that has great meaning for me comes Yohan Wolfgang von Goethe, a great German writer and statesman. He once said: Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music. Goethe suggested that in the same way that great music can touch our souls and transform us, great architecture can shape us, our world view Continue Reading »