Illness & Healing

Bikur Cholim

Have you or a loved one become ill and wanted to stay connected to the Anshe Emet community during this difficult time?

Would you or a loved one benefit from a visit by a community member?

Anshe Emet, as part of an initiative within the greater Chicago Jewish community, has assembled a group of volunteers to perform Bikur Cholim (visiting the sick). The Bikur Cholim Team at Anshe Emet performs the mitzvah of visiting the sick for the connection and continued healing of those who have become ill or impaired. Volunteers do not need prior experience, but rather a desire to want to learn about the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim and to be an active participant in Bikur Cholim for the Anshe Emet community. Acts of Bikur Cholim may take on many forms, such as offering spiritual strength, guidance and companionship, and also simply sharing time together and swamping stories or watching a favorite television program. Training in the Jewish mitzvah of Bikur Cholim from Jewish texts to the hands on every day practice of visiting the sick is available.

For more information about receiving a Bikur Cholim visit please contact Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould at For more information to become a volunteer please contact Julie Ann Sklaver at

Mi Sheberach

Anshe Emet is a place where you want to feel at home, nourished, nurtured and spiritually fulfilled. As a part of this commitment, the clergy at Anshe Emet are here to help bring comfort to anyone in need. If you know someone who needs to speak with a member of our clergy, or if you want to add a name to our Mi Sheberach list, please contact Antoinette Nunez at Names will be kept on the Mi Sheberach list for two weeks, unless otherwise specified.

For support, we are here to help.

For a consultation with
Rabbi Michael Siegel
contact Antoinette Nunez at / 773.868.5120

For a consultation with
Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould
contact Tamar Brooks at / 773.868.5125