Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Learning

Anshe Emet seeks to develop rich and diverse learning opportunities, making the congregation a center of Jewish study.

The Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Education, winner of two Solomon Schechter Gold Awards for Synagogue Excellence in Adult Education, encourages adults to experience the excitement of Jewish study. We engage our membership and community at large by offering a variety of Jewish learning opportunities for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Being ever mindful of changing needs, we continue to add new and innovative programs to respond to our membership and our community. In addition to Hebrew and text classes taught by our clergy and lay leaders we strive to bring in thought leaders from the Conservative movement and the Jewish community at large.

Fall & Winter Semester

Ten Paths to God : A Curriculum Based on the Teaching of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
Guest Scholar: Rabbi Dr. Danny Schiff

Sundays • 10:15AM – 11:30AM
Oct 10- Dec 19 (10 sessions)

In 2020, the Jewish world lost one of the greatest minds of our generation, or perhaps any generation: Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks (z”l). In memory of Rabbi Sacks, and in his honor, Rabbi Schiff will teach a special 10-session course that Rabbi Sacks devised prior to his death. Join Rabbi Schiff in an exploration of “Ten Paths to God,” as he delves into classic Jewish texts through the prism of Rabbi Sacks’ wisdom. This comprehensive course, will cover Jewish perspectives on Identity, Prayer, Study, Mitzvot, Tzedakah, Chessed, Faith, Israel, Kiddush HaShem, and Responsibility.

The entire class will take place on Zoom | $100 for Members, $160 Non-Members

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When It All Falls Apart: Looking for God in the Real World
Guest Scholar from Hadar: Rabbi Aviva Richman

Tuesdays • 7:30PM – 8:30PM
Oct 26 – Nov 9  (3 sessions)

Our immediate reaction when things go wrong may be to doubt or to turn away from God, to sever the relationship because it feels outside and out-of-place in our real experience. But what if our connection to God is, in fact, rooted in those very experiences. In this three-part series, we will study core motifs in texts from classical midrash to hasidut that insist that our relationship to God grow out of, and not in spite of, the reality in which we find ourselves, however “unideal.”

The entire class will take place on Zoom | $30 Members $60 non members

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Jews on Trial
with Rabbi Michael Siegel

Mondays • 7PM – 8:15PM
Nov 1-Dec 6  (6 sessions)

Join Rabbi Siegel and special guests as he explores famous trials, some judicial and some investigations that are often seen as a reflection of a society that fosters anti-Semitism over the centuries. Each week will look at a particular case history including Dr. Ricardo Lopez, a physician to Queen Elizabeth who was the model of the character of Shylock; The Case of Alfred Dreyfus; the Leo Frank Murder Case; The Trail of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and the case of David Irving v. Penguin Book and Deborah Lipstadt. 

The entire class will take place on Zoom | Members: No Charge: Non-Members $50

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Hebrew 1.0
with Miron Hirsch

Mondays • 6PM – 6:45 pm
Beginning Oct. 4 (10 sessions)

“A course for beginners and those who started learning Hebrew once before and now want to complete that work. Learn how to read Hebrew in a warm and welcoming class. The course focuses on reading skills, but also explores the roots and evolution of the Hebrew language.”

The entire class will take place on Zoom | Members: $36: Non-Members: $72

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Curious to learn more? Call Amy Karp Director of Engagement and The Malkin Family Program Director akarp@ansheemet.org | 773.868.5139

Join any of our weekly Virtual drop-in classes

Text on Tuesday
7:45 AM with Dr. Gary Porton

Lerner’s of Torah
8:45 AM | Fridays with Rabbi Michael Siegel. Contact Antoinette Nunez  (anunez@ansheemet.org) to register.

Shabbat morning Parshah Study
9:00 AM | Saturdays with our Rabbis and guest presenters

1:00 PM | Mondays with our clergy and guest presenters.