Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Learning

Anshe Emet seeks to develop rich and diverse learning opportunities, making the congregation a center of Jewish study.

The Raymond Arbetman Center for Adult Jewish Education, winner of two Solomon Schechter Gold Awards for Synagogue Excellence in Adult Education, encourages adults to experience the excitement of Jewish study. We engage our membership and community at large by offering a variety of Jewish learning opportunities for beginning, intermediate and advanced students. Being ever mindful of changing needs, we continue to add new and innovative programs to respond to our membership and our community. In addition to Hebrew and text classes taught by our clergy and lay leaders we strive to bring in thought leaders from the Conservative movement and the Jewish community at large.

Curious to learn more?
Call Cantor Berke

Cantor Elizabeth (Liz) Berke
Interim Hazzan & Director of Continuing Education
eberke@ansheemet.org | 773.868.5117




Join any of our weekly Virtual drop-in classes

Text on Tuesday
7:45 AM with Dr. Gary Porton

Lerner’s of Torah
8:45 AM | Fridays with Rabbi Michael Siegel. Contact Antoinette Nunez  (anunez@ansheemet.org) to register.

Shabbat morning Parshah Study
9:00 AM | Saturdays with our Rabbis and guest presenters

1:00 PM | Mondays with our clergy and guest presenters.