Shabbat Services

“Prayer is a way to discern between the signal and the trivial, between the vital and the futile. Prayer clarifies our hopes and intentions. It helps us discover our true aspirations, the pangs we ignore, the longings we forget. It gives us the opportunity to be honest, to say what we believe, and to stand for what we say.”

—Rabbi A.J. Heschel

Friday Night (Erev Shabbat) Services

Below are the various Friday night services Anshe Emet offers throughout the month:

Shabbat Evening Service • Every Friday • 6PM

A traditional congregational service for all that welcomes Shabbat with joy most weeks. Anshe Emet’s Shabbat Evening Service is held at 6PM in the Malkov Chapel, unless otherwise noted.

Themed-Family Shabbat • Select Fridays • 5PM

On Themed-Family Shabbat Friday nights, we join together for a musical, engaging service, followed by a delicious dinner with friends old and new. Themed Shabbats are designed for families with kids and include on-theme activities after dinner. Our upcoming dates are:

•  Marvel Shabbat
    January 26, 2024

•  Hometeam Shabbat
    March 8, 2024

•  Encanto Shabbat
    May 3, 2024

Young Family Shabbat • Select Fridays • 5PM

Please join us for our monthly Shabbat service and dinner. At 5:45pm families with babies to kindergarten age will join Mr. Todd Kessler and Max Handelman for a musical and story-filled service. The service ends around 6:30pm, followed by a DELICIOUS Shabbat dinner. After that, the gym or field will be open for some play time. Amazing Anshe Emet teens are on hand to read to kids after dinner and keep everyone safe while parents schmooze. When the weather allows, the service and dinner will be outside. Families are invited to join the Main Service after dinner for a special children’s blessing and singing with the community and Cantor Brook. Upcoming dates are:

•  October 27, 2023

•  April 5, 2024

•  June 7, 2024

Shabbat Morning Services

Sanctuary Shabbat Morning Service • 9:30AM

Our Rabbis and Cantors welcome you to a beautiful Shabbat experience at 9:30am each Shabbat. Whether celebrating a Bar/Bat Mizvah, an Auf Ruf, baby naming or commemorating other life cycle events, prayer participation and Torah Study are at the core of this spiritual service.

Rose Crown Minyan • 9:30AM

Anshe Emet Synagogue’s Rose Crown Minyan meets every Shabbat morning at 9:30am in Malkov Chapel. The Minyan is an intimate, traditional service, committed to egalitarian and participatory worship. Run completely by lay people (with the occasional assistance of our clergy) since 1994, the Minyan offers a more traditional alternative to the main service, with a full P’sukei D’zimrah (introductory Psalms) and a complete Torah reading each week.

Youth and Family Services • 10AM – 12PM

We offer these Youth and Family Services each Shabbat.

Shalom Shabbat
In person with room to spread out!

Families with children 5 and under are invited to join us for a lively, musical, Shabbat morning service. We will sing, dance and share a story. We will meet in the Rose Crown room.

In person with room to spread out!

Families with kids in K-2nd grade are invited to join us for a lively, engaging Shabbat morning service. We will acknowledge our blessings, dance, study some Torah, and maybe even make a new friend. We will meet in the Rose Crown room.

Shabbat HaNoar
In person with room to spread out!

Families with kids in 3rd-5th grade immerse in the Shabbat morning service, learning and leading and celebrating the joy of Shabbat. We will meet in the Reich room.