AES at 150

Mine House Shall Be Called An House of Prayer for All Peoples.

As we enter Anshe Emet’s 150th year, we have documented some of our congregants
most cherished moments that have helped make Anshe Emet the great community it is.
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Take a stroll through the rich history of Anshe Emet Synagogue, from it’s founding in 1873, through the diverse and vibrant community of today.  Our wonderful clergy
and leadership maintain the legacy of the Shul, honoring our heritage 
while keeping a sharp focus on our future.
We are all a part of the great story of this Center for Jewish Life—
Anshe Emet Synagogue:


Rabbi Michael S. Siegel 
Senior Rabbi

Cantor Rachel Brook 
Senior Cantor 

Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould

Rabbi Benjy Forester

Cantor Liz Berke 
Hazzan Sheini  

Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi 
Hazzan Emeritus


Mimi Weisberg 
Executive Director

Yair Bernstein 
Director of Ritual Advancement

Tamar Brooks
Clergy Administration Manager

Michelle Brown 
Operations/Benefits Accountant

Mardi Caminer 
Grodzin Director of Education
& Innovation

Kim Carter 
Director of Hospitality

Javier Cruz 
Executive Chef/Director
of Kitchen Management

Danielle Goldman 
Education Team Administrator 

Maxine Handelman 
Director of Family Life
& Learning

Hannah Jarvis 
& Advancement Manager


Carol Karlinsky 
Office Administrator

Amy Karp 
Director of Engagement,
      The Malkin Family Program Director & Director of Adult Education

Hannah Kinsella 
Education Team Administrator

Tyler Manning 
Director of IT

Victoria May 
Executive Assistant to Rabbi Siegel 

Brian Schmidt 
Director of Communications

Emma Sternberg 
Music Team Administrator 

Steve Strien 
Director of Finance

Matthew Tobias 
Director of Safety & Security

Gilberto Vargas
Director of Facilities