Sermons: Terumah

Terumah: Keeping the Menorah Lit: The Danger of the “A” Word: Apartheid

Terumah | Rabbi Michael Siegel | February 5, 2022

How well do you visualize?  When someone tells you about something that is going to be remodeled, and they say, Well, we are going to take this wall down and move this couch here, a chair there.  We are going to change the color from this to this.  Of course, we are changing the light Continue Reading »

Institution: The Symphony of Society

Terumah | Rabbi Michael Siegel | February 29, 2020

A quotation that has great meaning for me comes Yohan Wolfgang von Goethe, a great German writer and statesman. He once said: Music is liquid architecture; architecture is frozen music. Goethe suggested that in the same way that great music can touch our souls and transform us, great architecture can shape us, our world view Continue Reading »