Sermons: Kol Nidre

The Full Heart of Joseph or the Hardened Heart of Pharoah? The Choice is Ours

Kol Nidre | Rabbi Michael Siegel | September 26, 2023

Rabbi Michael Siegel | Anshe Emet Synagogue Kol Nidre 2023/5784 | Sanctuary In my life, I have attended only one high school reunion. It was my 20th, and I have not been to one since. A bit of background is in order. In high school I was a football player first and a student second. Continue Reading »

Why Pray? • Kol Nidre 5781

Kol Nidre | Rabbi D'ror Chankin-Gould | September 27, 2020

Virtual Prayer Services, in my house, are a total zoo. I’ve got the service streaming on the iPad, Avi is pulling my Tallis off, Matan is banging his action figures on the train table, diapers need to be changed, Cheerios are flying, and life is chaos. And then, even when the kids settle in, the setting Continue Reading »