HHD Youth Programming

Contact Mardi Caminer with questions: mcaminer@ansheemet.org / 773.868.5131.

Why Environmental Justice?

There is a classic Midrash from Ecclesiastes that describes the time when God created Adam. God led him around the Garden of Eden and said: “Look at My works! How beautiful and praiseworthy they are. Everything that I have created, I created for you. Take care not to damage and destroy My world, for if you destroy it, there is no one to repair it after you.” (Midrash Kohelet Rabbah 7:13)

1st – 5th Grade Programming Highlights 

  • Musical services with Jeremy, Shosh & Eli
  • Lunch & snacks all three days
  • Educational movement-based activities every day
  • Guest speaker from The Hive Supply Company: Students will learn about how honey is made, why insects are so important to the environment and how it is our responsibility to protect the environment and animals!

6th – 12th grade Programing Highlights 

  • Rosh Hashanah Brunch with Hannah Kinsella
  • Torah Talks
  • Speakers from Repair the WorldThe Jewish Youth Climate Movement (JYCM) & Friends of the Chicago River

Kindergarten and younger: Babysitting will be available on both days of Rosh Hashanah and on Yom Kippur. Childcare is provided by Jovie of Chicago. Storytellers and musicians will visit the classrooms. Lunch will be provided all three days. You must register your children and sign them in and out.

1st through 5th grade students:
A newly designed youth program including youth services, movement based activities and educational experiences. Lunch will be provided all 3 days. You must register your children and sign them in and out.

6th & 7th graders: We are offering multiple engagement opportunities throughout the High Holy Days including guest speakers and tzedakah projects related to environmental justice! Lunch will be provided both days of Rosh Hashanah. When there is no programing scheduled, 6th and 7th graders are encouraged to attend adult community services. 

8th-12th graders: There will be multiple opportunities for teens to engage in interactive discussion groups and tzedakah related to environmental justice projects and Jewish learning. Lunch will be provided both days of Rosh Hashanah. When there is no programing scheduled, teens are encouraged to attend adult community services.

Meet Our 1st–5th Grade Service Leaders!

All 1st-5th graders will attend a special kids service on all three days as part of their morning programming. Learn about our services leaders:

Jeremy Raskin has been playing Jewish music in Chicago for over 10 years. He loves sharing Jewish melodies & ruach with Anshe Emet’s younger congregants every Saturday at our Shalom Shabbat & Shachar services. His favorite parsha is Shoftim. Jeremy likes its message of fairness & justice, respect, and caring about those around us when injustice enters our world. Jeremy, his beautiful wife Andrea, and their two energetic kids, live in Rogers Park.

Shosh Bernstein is starting her tenth year of teaching Middle School Hebrew and Jewish Studies and her second year as Jewish Life Coordinator at Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School. Shosh has a bachelor’s degree in Bible studies and education from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, a master’s degree in Special Education specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorder from Bar Ilan University, and a Teaching Certificate in Special Education from Hebrew University. Shosh has two daughters that enjoy coming to Shabbat morning services and hanging out with their friends at Kiddush lunch. In her spare time, she enjoys creating and selling Hebrew art on Etsy.

Eli Kaufman is about to start his ninth year of teaching 4th Grade at the Anshe Emet Religious School.  In his non-Sunday morning life, he is the Head of Sales at Packback, an education technology start up that focuses on creating engaging classrooms, good student discussion, and critical thinking skills.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Psychology from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland.  Eli will be joined at services with his wife, Emily, and son, Brady. 

With the High Holy Days happening so close to the beginning of the school year, and before Religious School can even begin, we are pleased to share these incredible resources, enabling your entire family to learn and explore each holiday!