Pets of the Omer

March 24, 2023, All Day

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The Omer refers to the 49-day period between the second night of Passover (Pesach) (April 6) and the holiday of Shavuot (May 25).  This period marks the beginning of the barley harvest when, in ancient times, Jews would bring the first sheaves to the Temple as a means of thanking God for the harvest. The word Omer literally means “sheaf” and refers to these early offerings. Anshe Emet will be counting the Omer in our special way —with pictures of our family pets. Dogs, cats, birds, fish…whatever is a beloved member of your family can be included. Please let us know you want to be included by filling out our form and uploading a picture of your pet.  We will assign the number for each pet and include on your photo. 

Please submit all photos by March 24, 2023.

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