Opening the Heart: Becoming a Jewish Grandparent


June 17, 2020    
7:00 pm

This pilot program begins Wednesday, June 17 at 7 pm and runs for 5 sessions via zoom, facilitated by Amy Karp, aka Bubs. This is a program in partnership with the Jewish Grandparent Network and the Orot Center for New Jewish Learning that seeks to advance communities of Jewish grandparent learners who will engage with Jewish text and traditions to explore the joys and complexities of grandparenting today.

The five-part curriculum will encourage grandparents to reflect on their own grandparenting experiences through the lens of Jewish and other source text.

  • Session One: Opening the Heart – Becoming a Grandparent.
  • Session Two: Embodying the Story.
  • Session Three: A Crash Course in Child Development for Grandparents.
  • Session Four: Love, Justice and Beauty: How we have changed personally by the experience of becoming grandparents.
  • Session Five: Embracing a Legacy we May not Know.

It is open to both men and women, bubbe and zayde, pops and nanas.

If you are interested, please contact Amy at by June 12 to be a part of this pilot program.