J2M 2.0: Jewish Identity for the Emerging College Student


November 8, 2021    
7:00 pm

This program is for high school juniors and seniors and their grown-ups to think about and explore life after high school. 

Each session will focus on a different topic that teens will encounter after leaving home.  They will include exploring identity and hearing from current college students and university professionals. Families will learn more about resources for promoting healthy mind and body away from home.  Lastly, encountering anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism on campus. The program will conclude with a Shabbat dinner at Anshe Emet.

Program Schedule

Who are you, and what will your Jewish journey look like? 
Monday, November 8 
With Rabbi David Russo, Samantha Isenstein, Hillel professionals and current college students.

Taking care of your body and mind away from home 
Monday, November 15 
With Rabbi D’ror Chainkin Gould and JCFS Professional.

Israel & Anti-Semitism on Campus: an introduction 
Monday, December 6 
With Rabbi Michael Siegel and JUF Israel Education Center. 

Shabbat Dinner 
Friday, January 7 
Closing Shabbat Dinner with Rabbi Russo and Samantha Isenstein.

$100 for Anshe Emet Member family // $200 for Non-member family
Includes snacks, speakers and Shabbat dinner.

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Contact Samantha Isenstein with questions: sisenstein@ansheemet.org