Seder plate, wine cup and matza

How is This Passover Different from All Other Passovers?

March 30, 2020, 8:00 pm

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Passover is going to be very different for all of us this year. Some of us will be celebrating by ourselves. Others will be with a small number of family, but will have to lead the seder for the first time. All of us are figuring out – how can we make Passover meaningful, relevant, and celebratory. Join Rabbis Siegel, Chankin-Gould, and Russo, as they offer tips on how to lead a seder, online Passover resources, guidance on how to connect with family remotely, and Jewish legal advice on how to celebrate the holiday given the world we are living in today.

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Signposts of the Seder – Kadesh Urchatz PDF