Post-Kiddush Discussion: Creative Niddah – Take 2


July 29, 2023    
12:30 pm

With Rabbi Diane Tracht and Zahava Harris.

Niddah – a set of rules and rituals around menstruation and sexual activity – is an area of Jewish practice that liberal Judaism has almost abandoned, but has the potential to bring a sense of sanctity to our bodies and to sex. Still, the traditions and texts around niddah were not inclusive, and at times downright misogynistic, and often do not align with our contemporary understandings of body-positivity and sex-positivity.

What is possible when liberal Jews bring the same reverence and creativity that we bring to developing our shabbat and kashrut practices to developing a niddah practice? What could niddah look like for a queer couple? For a person having sex outside the frame of monogamous marriage? For someone who is not sexually active? For non-cis women? For you? For me?

Join Zahavah Harris APRN, and Rabbi Diane Tracht for this reflective workshop.
No prerequisites, no assumptions, and no personal sharing required.