The Anshe Emet Sisterhood and KAM Isaiah Israel Presentation by Carol Schnitzler of the Community Mikvah


June 8, 2022    
7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

The Women of Congregations across Chicagoland are invited to join the Women of KAMII for this presentation.

What is a Mikvah? The word Mikvah means “a gathering of waters. It has precise rules of location, dimension, and source of its natural water. It looks like a small pool and is about four feet deep. This “mayim chayim” reminds us of the Garden of Eden. The ritual immersion in a Mikvah is a means of purification, helping us to prepare ourselves for events in our lives of spiritual importance.

The Community Mikvah of the Conservative Movement: The Mikvah at Beth Hillel B’Nai Emunah in Wilmette, IL, opened in February of 1998. They have welcomed thousands of people who have come here to immerse in the warm, clean waters of the Mikvah. People come to the Mikvah for many different reasons, including the final step of conversion, before a wedding, before holidays and before making a trip to Israel. Married women may use the Mikvah on a monthly basis. People also seek out the Mikvah as a part of their healing process, coming before or after surgery, upon completion of chemotherapy and to observe a yahrzeit.

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