Rebecca Joy Fletcher

On-Line Class: Blessing Each Other Across Distances with Cantor Rebecca Joy Fletcher


April 14, 2020    
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

At this time when most of us are home-bound, and many of us are physically isolated from folks we love, we would do well to cultivate our capacity to bless each other spontaneously. Our tradition has a long and rich, but often neglected tradition of spontaneous blessings: for that friend who is struggling with something specific; for the communal gathering of like-minded souls; even for the stranger you see in their apt across the street. The goal of this four part class is to mine our tradition in order to help folks cultivate a greater sense of connection to and compassion for each other, as well as the inner sense that others are blessing you too — that we exist in a constant web of blessings, known and unknown, voiced and unvoiced, even when we are physically far apart. It is the least we can do for each other.

The class teacher, Cantor Rebecca Joy Fletcher is a Chicago-based actor, theater-maker, Jewish educator, and coach. The path of blessings is one she fell in love with years ago in Israel. For the past two years, she’s offered a brief class on the how-to of blessing at Mishkan over Rosh Hashana. Now is a great time for the deep dive!

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