Becoming Whole


August 25, 2022 - September 15, 2022    
7:00 pm

A Four-Session Class with Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould and Special Guest Teachers

Thursdays during the month of Elul, we are called to attend to the repair and healing of ourselves, our relationships and our community. Join in this special program designed to help us become whole again. (In person only)

Topics include:

  • Healing Self with Rebecca Minkus-Lieberman, Orot Center for New Jewish Learning. 
  • Healing Relationships with Dr. Amanda Rios, Psychologist, PsyD, LMFT.
    Dr. Rios specializes in individual, couples and family therapy with children, adolescents, and adults of diverse backgrounds. 
  • Healing Community with Participants from ConTextos, an organization providing the opportunity for people affected by violence to write and publish their personal stories in order to heal, build empathy, and change assumptions.
  • Healing the Jewish People with Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould.

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