Wine, Women & Walking with God: Understanding Israel's Political Structure

Learn about the parties, what left and right mean in Israel, how the political process works, elections, parties forming alliances, etc. 

Jessica Kaz, facilitator  and community activist  has been teaching in various Jewish settings for over 25 years and lived in Israel for over 10 years.  She is most proud of her activism as a co-founder of Lone Soldier Connect (Chicago-based) and in the Israeli non-profit, Mavoi Satum: Opening up the Dead End for the Agunah (an organization offering legal and social service aid to women whose husband's will not grant them a divorce).

This program is open to the entire congregation, not just women!

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MAY 21 | Session One • The three governing bodies of Israel
The (legislative) Knesset, the Executive branch, and the Judicial branch and the checks and balances in the Israeli system and the differences with the US system as Israel does not have a constitution but a set of basic laws which serve as a constitution. This session will also look at the various Knesset parties, and the political spectrum. We will also learn about the role of the Rabbinic courts and how that affects personal status and social laws in Israel.

MAY 28 | Session Two • Coalition building and power politics
The second session will focus on how coalitions are made and broken, and how coalition negotiating affects the big picture of governing. Who are the current power brokers? What are their priorities? What are the current economic, social and security priorities of the coalition in power? How do laws get passed with this kind of political structure? What is in the news related to the coalition in power?

JUNE 4 | Session Three • The role of the Supreme Court in Israeli politics
A look at important and current cases in front of the Supreme Court related to laws passed by the Knesset. These cases range from religious issues such as state-owned buses running on Shabbat to the rights of minorities under the Jewish Nation State Law of 2018. These cases address the tension between democracy and Judaism in Israel.