Kadimah: Strategic Planning Project

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Dear Friends,

I hope that this note finds you and your family well. The long-awaited and lifesaving arrival of the first shipments of the COVID 19 vaccine during Hanukkah couldn’t be better timed or a greater blessing for the people of the world.

The onset of the pandemic has impacted every aspect of congregational life. While the congregation has had a great deal of success in meeting many of these challenges, the way forward is less clear even as a hopeful end to this terrible nightmare is in sight. What we know for certain is that when this pandemic has passed, life will not return to the way it was before. The vital question before us is what comes next for the Anshe Emet community?

To answer that question in a thoughtful manner we have launched Kadimah! (Forward!) a strategic visioning and planning process that will guide our congregational leadership in decision making for the next 6-18 months and beyond. We are able to do this visioning thanks to the generosity of Sandra and Michael Perlow and the establishment of the Bertha Perlow Synagogue Transformation Fund. Bertha Perlow z”l lived to age 109 and never lost her love or dedication to our sacred community.

The data we collect will enable our Task Force to identify the many and most important benefits of membership at Anshe Emet and the infrastructure needed to support and maintain our congregation’s growth over time. 


Senior Rabbi
Michael S. Siegel

Arthur Friedson

Kadimah Project Chair
Howard Tullman

Leadership Team
Art Friedson
Jay Goodgold
Wendy Berger
Lindy Hirschsohn
David Schwartz
Michael Silver
David Brown
Rabbi Michael Siegel

Task Force
Scott Frazin
Shainah Horowitz

Ben Kleinman
Jeff Parker
Adam Rubenfire
Neil Schwartz
Deena Siegel
Suzan Sultan
Marc Gould
Mimi Lichstein

Rabbi Phil Warmflash
David Trietsch