shabbat shelanu

Shabbat Shelanu: Something for Us Welcomes Scholar-in-Residence Shalom Orzach

Welcome Scholar-in-Residence Shalom Orzach of the united Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Anshe Emet and Shabbat Shelanu welcomes Shalom Orzach as our USCJ Scholar-in-Residence. Shalom is a senior educator and consultant for the iCenter, and currently serves on the faculty for the Foundation for Jewish Camp. He is an acclaimed public speaker on contemporary Israel who brings extensive knowledge, humor and passion.

Something For Us: Shabbat Shelanu

This is a social group for members over 50 years of age, providing quarterly events for single and married members seeking social activities within the community. Pro-Neg begins at 6:45 PM followed by an abbreviated service and a lively discussion with special guests throughout the year.