Sisterhood Shabbat

Sisterhood Shabbat has become a highlight of the SIsterhood. It is a time for the women of Anshe Emet 
to come together...

Ariella Rada, an Ethiopian Jew, a product of a traditional community that likely diverged from the ancient Hebrews some 3,000 years ago. And while Rada’s main job is to educate both Jews and non-Jews about the Israel of today, she has the added benefit of passing down the story of the Ethiopian Jewish experience. 
Rada emigrated to Israel in 1984. She spent most of her youth in the city of Beer-Sheba. In 2010, Rada completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Government, Diplomacy & Strategy and later a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC). Rada is just one of three Ethiopians – all women — working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in diplomatic jobs very coveted in Israel.

Join us...

9:30AM | All women-led Shabbat services in both the sanctuary and Rose Crown Minyan.

11:30AM | Ariella will deliver the D’var Torah in the Sanctuary. Rose Crown Minyan will join the sanctuary service to hear Ariella speak.

1:00PM | Post-Kiddush Discussion: From Ethiopia to Israel to Chicago, with a stop in Lima Peru, Israeli Diplomat Ariella Rada tells her personal journey of how she rose from the Desert to Diplomat.

Interested in participating in our service: Aliyot, Torah Reading, Haftarah, any blessing or to lead any portion of the service, please contact Larisa Kenen at [email protected] to learn more.