Religious School: Makhon Le-Manhigut Leadership Institute

Students in grades 9 through 12 are invited to participate in our Leadership Institute, Makhon le-Manhigut. The Makhon le-Manhigut consists of two fundamental building blocks: the Madrikhim Program and the Learning Tracks. The program meets on 30 Sunday mornings from September through May. 

Madrikhim Program

Those who choose to serve as Madrikhim (aides in the Religious School) will work under the guidance of our Religious School teachers, principal, clergy, and youth director to develop leadership and teaching skills while serving as role models for younger students. Madrikhim can choose to receive community service hours or a salary for their work in the school and can choose from a broad range of assignments. Qualified Madrikhim will also have the option of working one on one with individual students on their Hebrew reading skills as part of our Hebrew Tutor Core. 

Learning Tracks

Makhon Le-Manhigut’s Learning Tracks, under the direction of Rabbi D’ror Chankin-Gould, are designed to guide teenagers in developing a personal, adult relationship with the Jewish tradition through interactive learning, student-driven discussions, and timely, relevant topics.  The program also includes a mentorship and teacher-training component. One hour, two to four times per month, is set aside for study during the window in which they are working at the school. There are four monthly tracks, often culminating in a direct community application, with the madrikhim planning or facilitating a program or activity for the younger students.