Rabbi Siegel Receiving the Rabbinic Leadership Award from Masorti Olami

Rabbi Siegel Receiving the Rabbinic Leadership Award
from Masorti Olami

Dear Friends,

We write to you on the very meaningful occasion of our Senior Rabbi, Michael Siegel’s receiving the Rabbi Mordecai Waxman Rabbinic Leadership Award at the Masorti Olami Annual Tribute Event in New York City on November 17, 2019. We honor Rabbi Siegel’s commitment to the development of our open, caring and spiritual community at Anshe Emet and are thrilled to serve as Co-Chairs of this special event. 

Masorti Olami is also known as the World Council of Conservative Synagogues and builds, renews and strengthens Jewish life throughout the world. The Rabbinic Leadership Award is being given to Rabbi Siegel because of his work in bridging the gap between African Americans and Jews, his tireless work to end hunger in our community and across the country, his support of the State of Israel and his incredible efforts to re-envision the Conservative Movement. 

We encourage you to honor and support our exceptional Spiritual Leader by coming to New York and joining with old friends like Rabbi Elliot Cosgrove who will be presenting this distinctive award to Rabbi Siegel and/or contribute to the journal ad book in his honor. All information about the event and the journal ad book are here.

We wish you a sweet New Year filled with happiness, prosperity and great health.

Lowell Kraff, Scooter Simon, and Howard Tullman
Masorti Olami Annual Tribute Event 2019 Co-Chairs