Shabbat Neshamah

Shabbat Neshamah is an intimate service that blends traditional liturgy with guitar music and evocative readings for Shabbat. We will sit in the round, and Naomi Weiss-Weil will lead us in new, reflective melodies to familiar songs.

Interested in joining or have questions? Contact Naomi Weiss-Weil at


Click on the sound files below to learn some of the songs we sing!

Niggun Lev Tahor

Niggun Bilvavi

Zamru L’Adonai

Ana Bchoach

Lecha Dodi Hassidic Maseng

Lecha Dodi Abie Rotenberg

Tov Lehodot

Mikolot Mayim Rabim

Open Up Our Eyes-Shema

Hashkiveinu Maseng

Veshameru Friedman

Yikiyu L’Ratzon Chasen

14 Oseh Shalom Dropkin

Oseh Shalom Friedman