Zichronot -Stories of Loving Memory

Bob Glazier, z”l

Bob was a man who loved this community. For Bob, the best way of reflecting that love was through communal service. He served on the boards of the Anshe Emet Synagogue and Day School for a number of years. He considered the years as Chairman of the Anshe Emet Day School his greatest honor. During those years, Bob was instrumental in creating an art fair and opening a resale shop call The Right Place which offered financial support to the school. Bob was a master of compromise. He was an expert negotiator and was able to do a great deal to enhance the relationship between the Synagogue and School. He was an advocate for the teachers. Bob heard their voices and responded to their concerns in exemplary ways. One of things that people remember about Bob is that after a difficult conversation people would emerge from the meeting smiling. This is a true tribute to the man. Bob raised his family in this community. His wife Babette was always ready to be involved and support his work. Their children Josh, Adriane and Jordan were educated in the school. According to Babette, Bob always looked at the members of the community as brothers and sisters.

It has been more than 40 years since Bob served in these roles and much has changed. The Right Place has long since closed and the school no longer has art auctions. But the work that Bob and so many others did for our Anshe Emet community have secured the strong foundation on which we build.

Submitted by Rabbi Michael S. Siegel