Talking Jewish with Rabbi Michael Siegel

Welcome to Anshe Emet's Podcast: Talking Jewish 

Talking Jewish explores the world around us from a Jewish lens. Each month you'll hear conversations with Jewish leaders and scholars from around the world.

This month Rabbi Michael Siegel sits down with our special guest, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Scholar-in-Residence, Shalom Orzach.

Shalom is a senior educator and consultant for the iCenter. Prior, he served as the AVI CHAI Project Director and Director of Education in the Shlichut and Israel Fellows unit for the Jewish Agency. He has a rich background in camping, running various camps in England where he grew up and later serving as the Education Director at Ramah Poconos. He has served as a consultant for the Jim Joseph Foundation and the Jewish Peoplehood Committee, and teaches a course in experiential education at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Shalom was also a scholar on the prestigious Jerusalem Fellows Program, after which he served as the Executive Director of Jewish Renewal for United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA). Shalom has a strong passion for teaching, feels privileged to live in Jerusalem with his family and loves sharing stories about life in the Land of so much Promise.