Additional Course Information

What’s in a name?

Our job as Jews is to leave the world better than we found it.  “Tikkun Olam” (Repairing the World) is the Jewish way of saying, “there’s work to do, and we’re ready to do it!” So how do we make the world better?  If we’re committed to bold tikkun what tools do we need in our tool box?

Torah Study: Our sacred texts guide us and fill us with inspiration and a moral compass. Our program, at its heart, provides avenues of Torah study to Chicago’s teenagers. Tikkun begins with  immersing in the wisdom of our ancestors, Torah.

Identity: A strong and confident identity as Jewish young adults is vital.  Our program includes classes that focus on Jewish culture, Jewish identity, connection to Jewish people worldwide, and Israel.  Tikkun requires that we know who we are, and to whom we belong.

Action/Advocacy: Jewish Tradition teaches us to change the world now. We can only do that if we take concrete action to repair the broken places in our local and our global community.  Our program offers opportunities for teens to be of direct service as they practice volunteerism, philanthropy, advocacy, and activism. Tikkun mandates that we get out of our seats, roll up our sleeves, and do the hard work of repair.