A Journey Through Jewish Greece

A voyage through time, history and culture woven together with words, stories, and sites that touch the heart and excite the imagination.

In Athens, the birthplace of democracy, we’ll visit the Acropolis and the ancient synagogue in the Agora. We’ll visit the modern day synagogues, the Jewish museum and the Holocaust memorial.

No trip to Greece would be complete without island hopping. A three island cruise is just an introduction to the more than 6000 islands scattered throughout the Greek seas.

Chalkis, home to possibly the oldest Jewish settlement in Europe, is our next stop, before Thermopylae, where we learn why we can thank 300 Spartans for their bravery in the battle of Marathon. We will see Mount Olympus, home to the Greek gods, as we make our way to Thessaloniki, or Salonica.

Museums, synagogues, mansions and above all, the warm Jewish community who will welcome us to Shabbat services and dinner, storytelling and song. We could spend years exploring Madre de Israel which until the 1940s was the largest Jewish community of Greece as well as the biggest Sephardic community in Europe.

Pella, a center point of civilization during Alexander’s time, the royal tombs at Vergina, and Veroia’s Jewish quarter and synagogue will fill the day that ends in the picturesque lakeside city of Ioannina.

Monasteries clinging to the rocks of Meteora, charming Arahova, the "winter Mykonos" are some of the places we will see before visiting Delphi. 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to get the Oracle to give us her prediction about the future of the world. But, we will see the most famous place acclaimed by Zeus to be the “center of the world”—Delphi!

We’ll enjoy our farewell lunch overlooking the seaside by the magnificent cliffs of Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon before we return to our hotel and prepare to leave for home tomorrow.

If you feel you missed things you wanted to see, don’t worry. You will be back to this magical place.