Increased Need at this Challenging Time

Every year, during Rosh Hashanah, Anshe Emet asks for your additional support, above and beyond your annual dues commitment to help us meet the needs of our community. This is our appeal to you to give to The Sustaining Fund.

Economic hardship due to the pandemic has made it impossible for many to pay their typical dues this year. By making a contribution to the Sustaining Fund, you are taking valuable steps to ensure that everyone can become a member of the Synagogue without financial barrier.  Your gift also ensures that the synagogue has operating revenue needed to provide exceptional pastoral and community service, the highest quality worship and exemplary educational programs.

Please give a meaningful gift so that we can continue to maintain our expanded level of service at a time when our community needs us the most.  Your generous support will sustain us. 

Make your secure donation online:

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(Please note that we are only able to accept Visa and MasterCard)