Book Club: The Color of Love: A Story of a Mixed-Race Jewish Girl by Marra Gad

August 16, 2020, 10:00 am

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Join us for the next installment of our Anshe Emet Book Club! 

For those who have  not yet joined us, our next book, selected by our facilitators, Ron Hirsen and Susan Weininger, is The Color of Love: A Story of a Mixed-Race Jewish Girl by Marra Gad.

Book description:

The Color of Love: A Story of a Mixed-Race Jewish Girl is the multi-layered story of her life as a biracial Jew. Although it has been a life with loving parents, there were also hostile relatives and Jewish communities that were not always welcoming. Marra’s family cut out those relatives who could not tolerate the color of her skin—including her once beloved, glamorous, worldly Great-Aunt Nette. After they had been estranged for fifteen years, Marra discovers that Nette has Alzheimer’s and that only she is in a position to get Nette back to the only family she has left. Instead of revenge, Marra chooses love and watches as the disease erases her aunt’s racism, making space for a relationship that was never possible before.

The Color of Love explores the idea of yerusha, which means “inheritance” in Yiddish. At turns heart-wrenching and heartwarming, this is a story about what you inherit from your family—identity, disease, melanin, hate, and, most powerful of all, love. With honesty, insight, and warmth, Marra B. Gad has written an inspirational, moving chronicle proving that, when all else is stripped away, love is where we return and love is always our greatest inheritance.

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