Wine, Women & Walking with God: Women Hero's of the Torah

October 30 | Miracles for Sarah
November 6 | Deborah and Yael: Women as Warriors & Leaders
November 20 | Miriam and the Lessons She Teaches

Our Wine, Women and Walking with God series returns this fall with Women Heroes of the Torah, which will focus on the Women we all need to know more about: Sarah, Miriam, Yael and Deborah.

This three-part series will be led by Sandra Charak, a Rabbinical student and lifelong seeker for spiritual health. She is currently constructing her thesis on meditations and the healing arts based on the Torah, Talmud and Kabbalistic texts, with a focus on bridging the sacred writings with modern case studies enhancing everyday life.

Cost covers all three sessions:
$30/ those with paid Sisterhood dues 
$36/ those with un-paid sisterhood dues

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