Dues & Fee Structure 2019/2020 | 5779/5780

Age Categories are based on the eldest member. 
Individual Membership includes (1) adult High Holy Days ticket.
Family Membership includes (2) adult High Holy Days tickets. 
Basic Membership does not include any High Holy Days tickets.

Please note that NO ONE will be denied membership because of financial circumstances.

  High Holy Day Venue Age Individual Family
Full Membership  Blum or Malkov  Under 31  Young Adult Division  $875
   Blum or Malkov  31 - 35  Young Adult Division  $1,570
   Blum or Malkov  36+  $1,360  $2,375
   Sanctuary  All Ages  $1,675  $2,875
   Balcony  All Ages  $1,485  $2,600
Basic Membership No High Holy Day Tickets All Ages $1,035 $1,675
Plus a $175 Security Assessment per household for all membership categories

If you need assistance, please click here to fill out our Membership Dues Financial Arrangements form.

If you have questions, please contact Amy Karp, Director of Engagement and the Malkin Family Program Director, at [email protected]/773-868-5139.