Mazel Tov!

Welcoming a new baby into the Jewish people and into the Jewish community is one of the most exhilarating occasions at Anshe Emet. It is a benefit of membership to utilize our clergy, space, and staff to officiate, host and help you coordinate your simcha, this wonderful event. Please contact Antoinette Nunez at right away if you are an expecting parent.

May you merit to raise your child to Torah, chuppah, and good deeds!


Brit Milah PDF

Brit Milah (widely known as bris), the covenant of circumcision, is a sign of the covenant between God and the Jewish people that was first established with our ancestor, Abraham, and then renewed at Sinai when the Jewish people received the Torah.

Brit Milah ceremonies are held during the day, eight days after the baby boy is born. The ceremony can take place in the synagogue or privately at home. Please fill out our Bris form and contact Antoinette Nunez at | 773.868.5120 for scheduling options of this simcha.

Parents should contact the mohel (the trained medical and religious professional who performs the circumcision) directly. You can find a complete listing of Chicago-area mohelim in the Jewish United Fund’s Guide to Jewish Living. Please click here to access the Mohelim page of the Guide directly.