Health & Safety Committee Update

The Health & Safety Committee is committed to keeping you informed, answering your questions as they arise and listening to your comments and feedback. Please visit this page often as we will be regularly posting updates, additional FAQs and useful resources.

Throughout this journey, our motto has been, “Go Safe” and we have been guided by the Jewish value Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh B’Zeh/ Every Jewish person is Responsible One for the Other. It is important to understand that the precautions we are taking limit the risk of spreading the virus to others. Anshe Emet, like any other place of worship, cannot eliminate the risk of transmission entirely. While the Health & Safety Committee is focused on what is in the best health and safety interests of the congregation, we must also rely on each person to follow all guidelines and make decisions that limit the risks to themselves, their families, and others. Individuals should assess their own risk level based on a variety of factors such as age, physical condition, ability to wear a mask for long periods of time, work environment (are you exposed to high risk at work?) and out-of-state travel.

Monday, June 21, 2021 

As the City of Chicago and U.S. is emerging from the pandemic, Anshe Emet continues to evolve our response.  We are excited that we are at a point where many of our in-person activities are able to resume, with some guardrails to make sure that we create an environment where all are able to participate if they are comfortable. 

  1. Capacity:  In alignment with the Chicago Phase V guidelines, we have removed capacity limits on programs and services.  We are continuing to allow for some social distancing and limit crowding.  
  2. Vaccination:  We encourage everyone who is able to be vaccinated to get vaccinated.  It is the best way to protect yourself and our community, especially since not everyone can be vaccinated at this time.  We will not be requiring proof of vaccination to attend services or come in person, rather we will be working on the honor system. 
  3. Masking:  We recognize that not everyone in our community can be vaccinated at this time, including younger children, or may be more vulnerable.   To make sure we continue to welcome ALL in our community to Anshe Emet, we have the following guidelines in place: 


      • If you are fully vaccinated, you do not need to wear a mask outdoors.  
      • If you or members of your family are at risk or not vaccinated, we strongly encourage you to continue masking.  


      • Masking is required in all public spaces unless you are medically exempt or unable to mask because you are a child ages 0-2.  
      • The following exceptions will be made for people who are fully vaccinated: 
      • Fully vaccinated is defined as 2 weeks past your 2nd shot if it is a 2-dose vaccine or 2 weeks past your shot if it is a 1 dose vaccine): 
        • If you have a speaking/singing role in services and are fully vaccinated, you may remove your mask during that time. 
        • We request that you wear your mask at other times during the service (for instance when sitting back in your seat) 

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Chicago’s Reopening Guidelines for Places of Worship

The Clergy, Staff, and Health & Safety Committee* of Anshe Emet.

*Committee Members:
Dani Lazar, Chair
Libby Alpern, MD
Marla Clayman, PhD
Sam Schwartz-Fenwick
Seymour Turner
Curtis Weiss, MD

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