What Can I Expect in the Next Few Years?

4th Grade:  

  • Receive Bar/Bat Mitzvah date. Pay initial $600 with registration form

5th Grade:  

  • May: Parents’ meeting with clergy to talk with other parents and begin to build excitement and sense of community as everyone undertakes this spiritual journey. Receive Bar/Bat Mitzvah handbook, ask questions of staff and Executive Director regarding “nuts and bolts” of the program.
  • Begin thinking about Kiddush lunch/caterers and any other use of facilities on the weekend of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

6th Grade:  

  • During the school year, participate in 8 sessions of J2M (Journey 2 Mitzvah)
  • Bernard Zell students attend Naomi Weiss-Weil’s weekly (10 weeks) Haftarah Trope class either in the before-school session or the after-school session.
  • Religious School students begin a 10 week course of Haftarah trope as part of Thursday afternoon Religious School.
  • One year before Bar/Bat Mitzvah, have an intake meeting with Naomi Weiss-Weil to get all materials and discuss tutors.
  • Begin tutoring one year before Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
  • Meet with assigned Rabbi to work on D’var Torah (teaching) and discuss mitzvah project.
  • Review tips and suggestions for planning the non-service aspects of the celebration.
  • Check-in with Hazzan Alberto Mizrahi and Naomi Weiss-Weil after the Haftarah has been mastered. Additional meetings will be discussed at that time.

6th or 7th Grade:

  • 3 months before Bar/Bat Mitzvah, submit head shot of child to be printed in monthly Anshe Emet newsletter.
  • Check detailed timeline in handbook for the week before child’s service.