Senior Staff


Barbara Haworth, Executive Director
[email protected]/773-868-5115


Rabbi Donni Aaron
Youth/Family Tefillah Educator
[email protected]/773-868-5144


Cantor Elizabeth (Liz) Berke
Director of Continuing Education
[email protected]/773-868-5117


Kim Carter
Director of Hospitality
[email protected]/773-868-5119


Frank Castaneda
Chief Engineer
[email protected]/773-868-5128


Aaron Frankel
Religious School Principal
[email protected]/773-868-5131


Maxine Handelman
Young Families Educator
[email protected]


Edgar Hernandez-Meza
Director of Administration
[email protected]/773-868-5142


Samantha Isenstein
Youth & Young Adult Director
[email protected]/773-868-5116


Amy Karp
Director of Engagement &
The Malkin Family Program Director
[email protected]/773-868-5139


Steven Strien
Director of Finance
[email protected]/773-868-5124

Gilberto Vargas
Assistant Chief Engineer

Mimi Weisberg
Director of Development
[email protected]/773-868-5123


Administrative Staff


Tamar Brooks
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]/773-868-5126


Emily Cohen
[email protected]/773-868-5141


Ashley Glas
Communications Coordinator
[email protected]/773-868-5114


Antoinette Nunez
Executive Assistant to Rabbi Michael Siegel
[email protected]/773-868-5120


Naomi Richman
Executive Assistant to Barbara Haworth
[email protected]/773-868-5122


Brian Schmidt
Administrative Assistant to Clergy
[email protected]/773-868-5125


Rachel Tanzer
Development, Engagement & Hospitality Assistant
[email protected]/773-868-5152


Megan Zimmer
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]/773-868-5143