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    Links for Online Judaica Resources

    Below are links to free primary Jewish sources and resources online. Keep watching for additional links!

    Click here for an awesome file with Judaica resources and texts on a wide variety of topics.

    Librarian Daniel Stuhlman has chosen some links (below) that would be most useful. 

    Primary Sources

    Hebrew-English Tanach (Full Bible), JPS 1917 Edition 

    Hebrew-English Tanach with Rashi's Commentary, Judaica Press edition 

    Targum Onkelos (Aramaic Translation of Bible)  

    Mager Sifrut ha-Kodesh This site has the full Hebrew texts for the Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, Midrashim, Rambam's Mishnah Torah, and Tosefta. 

    Soncino Talmud  This site has downloadable PDF files from the Soncino English translation of the Talmud


    Jewish Encyclopedia  (1901-1906) Searchable full text of the first Jewish encyclopedia published in English.

    Jewish Virtual Library Sources, documents and articles on all aspects of Judaism.

    Hebrew Source for thousands of public domain Hebrew books.

    Open Siddur Project Historical Siddurim, contemporary Siddurim, prayers, resources for writing your own siddur or prayers.





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